Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Food Diary

Blatantly stealing the concept from the beautiful Miss Fluffy and spurred on by the recent diet discussion, I shall be tacking on a food diary to each of my days posts listing what I ate the day before.

Since exhanging on the flat, I've being eating shite, drinking at least 2 beers a day and haven't been to the gym once. On Monday I decided that I need to get back into my winning ways.... On Tuesday I decided that this would help and on Wednesday I decided to do it.

So, Wednesday's food:

B: 1 Weetabix covered in Crunchy nut cornflakes (+milk)
L: 1 Small pork tortilla from the canteen
T: 1 Banana smoothie, 1 actimel, 1 peach.
D: 1 Rump steak, 1 yellow pepper, 5 florets of brocolli, 1/2 carrot, 1/2 onion, 6 cherry tomatos + feta.

Fizzy drinks: 2 Cans Diet Coke, 1 can Pepsi max.
No alcohol (day 3)

BTW: I have a really good memory, hense why I can remember the little details such as how many cherry tomatos I had. Unfortunately I'm really dumb with names.....

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