Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Voting, only for Boris

oting, I’m undecided. Today we have our European and Council elections.

Ever since I became able to vote, I’ve spoiled my ballot. I’ve always voted, I just tend to vote for everyone in protest that they’re all as bad as each other.

It’s a small statement, but at least I’m saying something. No one seems to represent my socialist/fascist stance, the “Stop Tilesey paying tax.” point of view.

I’ll probably do the same this year, at least by voting for everyone I guarantee I’ll win. After all, one of them has to win and if I’ve voted for them it means I predicted the right one – winners all round.

I personally believe that they should make voting a legal requirement as they do in Australia. Over there you get in a serious amount of trouble if you don’t vote, you can even end up in jail. It’s a shame that such harsh measures have to be brought in, but at least then you guarantee that everyone has had their say whether they spoil their ballots or even vote Tory.

Just for the record, the party closest to what my views would be are the Lib Dems, although they put forward some pretty flawed policies at times. I could never vote for Tony, I would even leave labour out when spoiling my ballot. Oh, and I would vote Tory on one condition….. BORIS JOHNSON FOR PRIME MINISTER!

Update: Upon seeing the BNP and the UKIP on the ballot paper for the Euro MP elections (not the council elections thankfully) I decided that it was my constitutional duty to tell them to fuck off. So fuck off you fascist shits, 83 years on and you're as close minded and bigotted as the nazis - you just don't have as good a colour scheme. Oh, and Michael Howard, you having an anti-euro stance probably wasn't the best tactic was it? Wow, I actually voted properly - like a good pro-euro should......

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